We Help Entrepreneurs Position Their Company for the Perfect Exit.

Let’s face it, entrepreneurs build companies for the same reasons: Financial independence, freedom, excitement and the possibility that the company will be a lights out success. However, many do not properly prepare the company for the big exit.

That’s where we come in…

Who We Are

Entrepreneurs, Public CEO's, Investors

Founded by entrepreneurs, public CEOs, and investors who have faced all of the challenges associated with starting, funding, building and most important, selling companies at all levels. We know how to help you position your business for the ultimate exit no matter what stage you are in.

The moment you engage with Perfect Equity, you will get a team of global experts on your team to bridge gaps, analyze your worth and help you maximize the value of your business.


Global Support Team

You can sleep knowing your business won't have to.

We are available around the clock to properly position your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Global teams located in:

• United States
• London
• Singapore

How We Help

Business is all about making the right decisions at the right times.

Entrepreneurs are great at conceiving and building a business but they often-times lack the experience and expertise to position and sell the business they have built. We help entrepreneurs with these deeper issues to prepare for a sale by focusing on key areas crucial to business success:

We advise entrepreneurs and founders on these key areas that make all the difference:

  • Structure
  • Restructuring
  • Financing
  • Creating liquidity

Legal Documents

We help you audit and file the proper legal documents


We audit your current financials and prepare your exit strategy


We help you to prepare for valuation and we conduct our own valuation designed to maximize your worth


We help you to maximize banking strategies to your advantage


We help you in the rigorous closing process for the perfect exit


Having a tax strategy is a crucial step that most owners don’t get right. We’ll help you there too.

Why Entrepreneurs Sell

Financial Independence
Lifestyle Enhancement
Next Venture

Current Projects

We are aggressively focused on preparing a business for an acquisition or sale allowing the equity owners to maximize the value of their ownership.

Here are some current projects we are working on.


Hiden is an innovative and emerging outdoor brand on the verge of announcing several exciting…


Pacvue is the go-to enterprise platform to manage digital advertising campaigns, and at scale, on…

Unified Brand Lab

Unified is a rapidly growing e-Commerce company focused on serving domestic and international consumers in…

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